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A selection of feedback and images from our FREE training carried out in workplaces, clubs, groups, schools, colleges and our monthly training sessions in London and Berkshire.
This training was invaluable. So glad I got the opportunity to learn. My Dad has a heart problem so this made me feel so much calmer if he ever needed me. Thank you!
I found this training incredibly helpful and so interesting. I learnt so many skills and remember the statistics so well due to Clare repeating these frequently so we understood the severity of learning this.
The hands on practice with the manikins and defibs was so useful as it showed us the steps and process and gave us a chance to test it. Clare was so engaging and straight to the point with the facts and breaking down information into really clear points. I got home and told my family all about it and was surprised at how much I remembered and could recall - thank you so much for teaching us this!!
Matt was fantastic and I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend this course, on my doorstep, at no charge. I hope I never have to be in a position to save someone’s life from cardiac arrest - but I am READY should the occasion arise. Thank you Matt & Clare 

Absolutely brilliant session. I learnt so much (and also learnt that a lot of what I thought I knew was incorrect. Clare is right that TV and films have a lot to answer for! Clare was a wonderful presenter - passionate and inspiring. She delivered a lot of information, but at no point did it feel overwhelming, or too much to remember. I really valued her down-to-earth honesty - 'This will probably be the scariest moment of your life' - She didn't dress it up in any way and I feel we are now all better prepared because of that. I have spoken to lots of my friends about this session since doing it and encouraged them to sign up. I would like to keep going to these sessions regularly each year now so that I don't forget the training. I've been walking around thinking '30 - 2, 30 - 2' in my head since we had it!

My thanks to Chris - he was really patient and good at explaining things. Made plenty of time for questions and discussion.
Clare is a fantastic trainer - engaging and direct! There was plenty of hands on training and simple, direct instructions. I love her approach and her personal story had such an impact on me. A fantastic charity making a life saving impact in the community; I was very impressed that she has taken such a tragedy and turned it around for the greater good. It restores your faith.
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