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Our team


 Founding Director & BLS Trainer

Founder of the Paul Alan Project, Clare knows first-hand how scary it is to witness a cardiac arrest and not know what to do.

Being passionate about looking out for others, Clare set up The Paul Alan Project to prevent other people from feeling scared and helpless when they witness a cardiac arrest. 

Clare's hope is that as many people as possible will come forward for cardiac arrest awareness and survival skills training through the Paul Alan Project so that we can all feel comfort in living within heart safe communities, knowing that if a cardiac arrest happens, help is never far away.

Outside of The Paul Alan Project, Clare is a Mum to a beautiful daughter (pictured), a massive cat and a tiny dog. She works in the charity sector, is a Fulham FC season ticket holder and a Dick Van Dyke obsessive!


Trustee & BLS Trainer

Matt lives in Reading with his two dogs; a Beagle and a French Bulldog. When he's not walking them, he can be found following Fulham FC around the country! He is also known, amongst his friends, as being the one to wear brightly patterned shirts!

Matt says; "Those who were at the Fulham v. Blackpool match in January 2022 will never forget what happened to Paul Parish. The fact that the Paul Alan Project has been set up to ensure something so incredibly positive comes out of something so awful has inspired me to want to make sure that were I ever present when someone is having a cardiac arrest, I would know exactly how to help and what to do."

Matt wants to be cardiac arrest trained and to train others so that if someone has a cardiac arrest, they have a greater chance of survival because of The Paul Alan Project.

Chris Hunt.jpeg

 BLS Trainer

A cardiac physiologist by trade, Chris has been dealing with hearts for over 15 years and has been involved in countless cardiac arrest situations. Being in attendance at Fulham v Blackpool in January 2022, he wishes there was more that day he could have done to help and was inspired to reach out to Clare in the aftermath of the event. The creation of the Paul Alan Project has provided Chris with a platform to be able to pass on his experience to give anybody the tools they need to feel confident during a cardiac arrest. Chris has been a Fulham fan since moving to the UK from Australia in 2009 and has been a season ticket holder since 2010. For anyone familiar with the NRL, he is also a lifelong Penrith Panthers fan. 

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Please donate to our defibrillator and bleed control kit fund here to help us keep our communities emergency safe.

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